Hi! I'm Herb Owen...


One day when I was in college a professor asked me to meet him after class across the hall. There, on the blackboard, he drew charts and lists to explain why he thought I should work with kids and help him at his church. He sold me, and I've spent my life doing just what Professor Jantz told me I should do. He saw something in me and helped me see it, too.


When God designed me, he put lots of creativity in my dna, mixed with with a love for kids and transformed it with a love for Jesus Christ. So I've spent my years teaching and pastoring kids and their parents, running camps and leading kids choirs.


I learned that, rather than buying a lot of materials others had produced, I could create my own curriculum, Bible study sheets for kids, songs and musicals and other resources to teach God's word to kids and their families.


Lots of people have asked me to make what I've done available to them. Brentwood-Benson music Co. has published some of my songs and musicals, but there was lots more I had to share.


So I'm going to be constantly adding to this site what I have created and constantly create more.


Check out the various resources on the different pages. If you have any questions, email me at herb@herbowen.com or give me a call at (703) 254-8305.


Let me know if I can help you in any way. THese resources may just be the start.