Songs for kids

I inherited my musical "talent" from my mom. She was always singing around the house and was a soloist in our church choir.

I wrote each of these songs for the kids at my churches over the years. You will receive a ZIP file (right click and select "Extract all...") There's a "lead sheet" with the melody, chords and music. There is also a stereo demo and a stereo track. In addition, if the demo video includes a kids choir you will receive a "split-track" with music on the left channel and voices on the right. Solos are not included on the split-track so you can use it to back up your choir (and reinforce their voices) if you like.

We will be adding lots of songs to this page during the coming weeks.

Purchase of a song grants you a license to reproduce copies of the printed music or demo performance for each of your participants.

He has made them all

One October morning I walked out the front door and I could not believe the beauty of the trees changing colors in my front yard. I was so impressed with the thought that God made all of this beauty that I went inside and wrote this song. You can purchase this one song for whatever you want to pay to give you an idea of what the other songs sound like.

He is my God

I love taking one of the psalms and writing music so we can sing it today.

"He is My God" is from Psalm 27. It's a happy song I wrote for my kids choir with a soloist. The demo features 16 year-old Steve Savage as the soloist, but you can use one of your kids, any adult, or sing the solo yourself, backed up by your choir.

The psalm (and this song) explain that whatever hard times we face, we having nothing to fear because the Lord of the Universe is our God!

Counting Sheep

The old saying says that if we can't sleep we should count sheep until we doze off.

But one day it occurred to me that throughout the Bible God calls us his sheep.

And, of course, as a shepherd David realized that the things he did for his sheep are the same things God does for his sheep - us!

This song is to be sung as a solo. If you want to melt the hearts of the people in your church, choose a young singer with a pure voice to sing this in a worship service. Or, divide the verses among several kids.

Because it is a solo, there are no kids choir voices on the demo and, therefore, no split-track, but only a stereo track.