Why was pre-registration so early?
Camp Kids Place has become quite popular and fills up very quickly. We regret that we cannot accommodate all campers who want to come. We schedule registration for December so parents can make other arrangements if we cannot take care of all your camping needs.

I didn't pre-register. Does that mean we missed out?
Not necessarily. Sometimes parents find they can't use a week of camp that they have purchased so they ask us to try to find someone to purchase it. This information is posted on the home page of this website.

If I find camp openings available to purchase them, what do I do?
If you are purchasing one or more reservations from a parent who has already paid for them, you will pay them directly. Then , if your child is already registered for camp this summer at Camp Kids Place, click here to pay the $25 transfer fee. In addition, if your child is not yet a registered camper, click here to register your camper by clicking the top button at the bottom of the page.

How do I purchase camps listed as available on the camp's website?

First, email us to verify that the camp(s) are still available. We will email you and verify that you may secure the reservation. Then you will click here. On that page click the top button at the bottom if your child is not yet a registered camper for 2018. Then, click the bottom button to pay for whatever camp(s) we have informed you that you may buy.

How much does one week at camp cost?
Our first week of camp - Jurassic Camp - is $265 for the four days of camp (with no camp on July 4). Each of other weeks is $305 per camper.

This amount pays for your camper to be with us during the regular 9am-4pm camp day. Your camper may arrive beginning at 8:45am and stay as late as 4:15pm without additional charge.

Can my camper come earlier or stay later?
Yes! Your child may arrive as early as 7:15am or stay as late as 5:45pm as a participant in the Early Show or Late Show. Parents pay for this by purchasing Early/Late Show tickets that can be used for any camper. You do not need to make reservations for the early and late programs in advance. The cost is $5 per ticket, and these can be used for any camper, on any day, for either program. Click here to learn about the Early and Late Shows. In May we will notify you that you can pay online to pre-purchase tickets that will be mailed to you before camp begins. After that, tickets can be purchased at the check-in table at camp.

Do you have a cancellation policy? Suppose I purchase a week of camp and later find I cannot use it. Can I get a refund?
We do everything we can to keep our camp fees as low as possible. For that reason, camp fees (except for deposits to the Filling Station snack shop account) are not refundable.

If your plans change after you pay, you have several options:

  • You may sell or give your week of camp to another child entering kindergarten-grade 7 in the fall. If you sell it to another family, they will pay you directly. Whether you sell the week or give it to another child you will need to complete an online form telling us your camper’s name, the week(s) of camp that should be transferred from your child to another camper, and the name of the camper who will use the week of camp, as well as that camper’s parents’ email address and phone number. We will then email that family and tell them what they need to do for us to make the transfer. The parents of the family taking your week of camp will  go to our registration page and pay us a twenty-five dollar transfer fee for each week of camp for each camper involved. If their camper is not already registered for other camps this summer, the camper's parents will complete the online registration form like you did for your camper. We can transfer a week of camp to one of your child's already-registered siblings without charge.
  • If there is space available we can move your child's reservation from one week to another week of camp. You should email us about this and we will check to see if this is possible. If we can make this transfer, there is no charge to you.
  • Or, if you request it, we will make weeks for which you have paid (but cannot use) available for another parent to purchase by posting the availability on our website. If someone pays us for that week, we will credit your payment card $239 per week when we receive payment from that parent for that week of camp. You may ask us to sell your week of camp by completing an online form.
  • You also have the option to instruct us to give the week of camp you have purchased but cannot use to a child who needs a scholarship to come to camp. And again, tell us that using that online form. This is a tax-deductible donation.
  • IMPORTANT! Because of the preparation time required to get ready for each week of camp, any transfer of a reservation from one camper to another must be completed by 5pm of the Wednesday before that camp begins. This includes registration of the new camper and payment of the transfer fee.

IMPORTANT! If you have not done so in previous summers, provide us a photocopy of your child's birth certificate or passport (as the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that we verify your child's identity) and a photocopy of your child's health record that includes your child's immunization record. You can give us a copy of the most recent form you turned in to your child's school, or download a form here for your child's health provider to complete. These two documents must be in our possession before your child attends camp. If you have previously submitted these documents, we have them on file and will automatically transfer them to this year's record. We must have these documents before we can legally admit your child to camp.