Level 99

It may surprise you to learn how many Christians don't have a regular plan to read God's Word. In fact, most have never read the entire Bible.

Suppose we could help our children get into the habit of going to the Bible ever day, on their own, and having a regular plan to read and study the 66 books of the Bible!

Level 99 was created to do just that. Through a simple 14-week program, your kids will read and study through the entire New Testament, or through all the narrative portions of the Old Testament as well as passages from the psalms and prophets.

You will teach the first section on Sunday. Then, each day throughout the week your kids will have an assignment to read a part of the Bible, answer questions, and  discover things they never knew before.

Eadh day they'll find a section that says "Today you'll be able to answer these questions..." There is also an explanation of something in the passage they need to understand, and several questions they should answer in writing as they study.

We had families get so excited as their kids progressed through Level 99 that their parents asked if they could do it, too.

You will receive .pdf masters for 14 booklets, one for each week. You will distribute the week's booklet on Sunday. (Have them printed in advance so you can send a child home with the following Sunday's booklet if he knows he won't be in class next week.

 Kids will also need a copy of the Bible in whatever translation you prefer. There is also a master for a record sheet you can have printed inexpensively on poster-size paper at FedexOffice, and the master for bookmark-size certificates to give to kids when they finish. We also suggest a party to celebrate.