Come for a week or two...

...or for the entire summer!

Each week at Camp Kids Place is like a different camp. Many favorite camper activities are part of them all, no matter which camp you choose. Here's what we've planned:


Jurassic Camp – July 2-3, 5-6 - We’re bringing the dinosaurs back in this brand new week!  We’ve been wanting a dinosaur petting zoo for a long time, so we figured out the science and made it happen!  What could possibly go wrong?  From archaeological digs to dinosaur hunts to dinosaur costume competitions, this week has all the earmarks of being a Jurassic classic!


eXtreme Camp – July 9-13 - Speaking of classics, this Camp Kid’s Place iconic week is back and better than ever!  We’ll host the annual Great American Shaving Cream Fight and push eXtreme to the very fringes of its definition!  See if you can catch all of the parts of camp that are eXtreme this week because they will be EVERYWHERE!


Tropical Camp – July 16-20 - You don’t need to get on a plane to spend a week in paradise...just come on down to Tropical Camp!  From our in-house smoothie bar, to beach volleyball, to sandcastle competitions and much much more, you’ll never want to leave!  Just make sure you don’t upset the Camp Kids Place islanders…apparently, they don’t like to be disturbed.


Studio Camp – July 23-27 - It’s lights, camera, action at Camp Kids Place in this star-studded week! You get to pick one of your many talents to showcase at the week-long “Kid’s Place Got Talent” competition, create a team movie that could be the next Hollywood blockbuster premiering on Friday, and see film come to life all around you! Oh! And don’t forget to dress up on Wednesday for the Red Carpet!


Civilizations Camp – July 30-August 3 - Returning for it’s second consecutive year it’s a journey through time at Camp Kid’s Place!  History is coming to life this week as you’ll get to see camp transformed from the Medieval Ages, to the Roman Empire, and more! You’ll also get to create your own team civilization with flags, culture, and everything in between!  It’s up to you!  Just be careful, our time machine hasn’t been working properly lately and sometimes random historical figures can be found running around camp…something to keep your eye on.


Adventure Camp – August 6-10 - This week at camp you can choose from our wide selection of adventures for your own special week at Camp Kids Place!  From wilderness exploration to learning new skills, you can explore something new or choose something you already know and love! But there’s also a big mystery to solve at camp this week and it’s up to you to catch all the clues along the way in this week long adventure!


Jedi Camp – August 13-17 - Last summer Darth Vader nearly took over Camp Kid’s Place, one of the greatest Jedi Training facilities on earth.  There are some rumors going around that Luke didn’t put an end to Lord Vader and that he is mounting strength to return once again!  But have no fear, we’ve got all the tools to fight back as we’ll go through Jedi training all week long!  By the end of the week you can be a fully certified Jedi with a t-shirt and everything!  Not only will you not want to miss out on this awesome week at camp, but we need your help to fight the dark side!


Super Camp – August 20-24 - All the Defenders of the Universe are at camp in this hero-filled week. We’ll meet many of your favorite Super Heroes all week long!  You’ll have a chance to create your own Super Hero, do Super competitions, and many other crazy cool things every day!  Be on the lookout, as some of your counselors may actually be Super Heroes cleverly disguised under false identities!  See if you can pick them out!







And while we're talking about camp...

We asked parents of our campers from previous summers to share their thoughts about camp. Here’s some of what they told us..

  • It was wonderful and my son absolutely loved it.  Before it even ended, he was begging me to send him again next year!!
  • I really love the diversity in camp counselors.  It was a wonderful reflection of our community (or how our community should be!).  The counselors seemed really enthusiastic and engaged.
  • My son loves the camp. He loves all of the different activities and he loves that he can pick out his own snacks. You guys are super organized and have a lot of great things for the kids to do.
  • My children are always excited and happy.  I don't know how to make it better.
  • Camp was very organized and my daughter enjoyed the weekly themes and activities as well as the nice and friendly counselors. It's very convenient (and unheard of) to offer before/after care on the fly. Thanks for everything!
  • This was our second summer and we will definitely be back next year...with little brother in tow! I really love that while participation in each activity is encouraged, the kids aren't forced to do anything. For some reason this year Ben decided that he didn't want to do the water slide so he was able to play soccer or basketball. The squad leaders are always so upbeat and energetic, great role models. The check-in/check-out process is very well organized and Marilyn always greets everyone with a smile. We had two friends join us this summer because we loved it so much last year that we couldn't help but recommend. They were just as happy as we were.
  • It really brought our son out of his shell. After we moved here from another state in the middle of the school year he had begun to become hesitant to make new friends, but after attending nearly all the weeks at camp he has a new sense of self, as well as a stronger personality, indicating a higher self-esteem : ) THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE A PART OF YOUR PROGRAM!!!
  • Without knowing any kids the first week my daughter was there, she came home EVERY day with something exciting to share with us. She absolutely loved it! The counselors were great, the staff was warm and welcoming every morning - they even made her birthday special
  • I love how warm, supportive and creative the entire staff is. My husband and I were shocked that we could find a program that was so creative and innovative for about the same price as other camps that offered only basic programming. We called it "Arlington's best kept secret" because it was actually possible to get a spot (or two) in Camp Kids Place! (We also called it a kid's utopia because, well...water slides and moon bounces? What's not to like!) However, I think the word is getting year, we will sign up right away. Camp Kids Place is the only camp that my children want to attend.
  • My children love Camp Kids Place! They cannot wait to get there in the morning, and are bummed when I pick them
  • As parents we absolutely loved the weekly themes & the incredibly well-organized drop-off/pick-up process. We were blown away by the feeling that everyone at camp wanted to be there and wanted the experience to be a positive, healthy, life-affirming experience.
  • This is our third year at Camp Kids Place. Your camp is my son's favorite place on earth. He told me the other day that he had the best dream and when I asked him what it was about, he got a big smile on his face and said, "I was back at camp."
  • Thank you, thank you for the best week of the year. We were having a family chat about the summer and asked our camper to rate all of the experiences of the summer (and there were many!) Camp Kid's place came out number one!!
  • It is a fabulous place. My boys love all of the activities! They loved the laser tag and foam pit especially this year. The counselors seem fantastic. As a former camp counselor, I am very impressed. It was great to observe the interaction between the kids and the counselors. Your camp is incredibly organized, well run and exceptionally creative. You do a great job making it fun for the kids!
  • I couldn't be happier with a camp. From the friendly, responsible (and responsive) staff to the convenient hours, the fun weekly themes and the smooth administration of it all (the Owens make it look effortless!), this camp has exceeded our expectations two years running. But the best endorsement of all is how happy our daughter is when we pick her up. You can't ask for better than that!
  • It was the first time at Camp Kids Place. I liked the fact that everything was very organized. We were kept up to date on what was going on. The facility was clean, we could see pictures online each day and the staff was wonderful. My daughter really enjoyed it.
  • Thank you so much because of you my child had a blast this summer.
  • My kids loved everything about Camp Kids Place! Especially the snack bar :) It was the first camp in three years that they wanted to go to through the end of the week. (At) most camps they are complaining by Wednesday about finishing the week.
  • Extremely well organized and an excellent value.
  • This is a great camp! They are highly organized and creative. Each week is different and fun. The water slide is a big attraction.
  • The obvious organization is appreciated. So many camps and kids programs just feel like barely organized chaos. The thought put into the different aspects of the program are a great comfort to those of us who are type A personalities.
  • My children enjoyed themselves at camp, I was confident they were appropriately supervised and cared for, the camp offers great hours for working parents, and was very reasonably priced.
  • As a parent, I appreciate the organization of the camp. From the moment we walked through the doors, we encountered an overly helpful staff. Very easy to enroll in before and after care. The things that normally a parent would worry about, was non existent. From a program standpoint, my son enjoyed the week. He talked about the camp every night. Paper airplane contest, pool, water slide. A great experience!
  • Each week we had a new and exciting adventure starting on Monday. It provided for variety but at the same time comfort because it was the same process and people week after week. The outside entertainment included with each week’s theme added an element of intrigue because they were always correctly tied to the theme of the week. Our son learned independence and responsibility by using the ID/money card for his snack shop purchases
  • We had a wonderful experience at Camp Kids Place this summer. My daughter has already asked to do more weeks next year. From the moment I stepped in the door, I liked how organized the camp was. You definitely got a feeling that everything was in order and your child was going to be well taken care of all day. The counselors were all engaged and caring. The theme each week added so much to the experience and the dress-up component was fun for the kids. You did a great job of bringing in unique activities to supplement the regular ones--loved the extra equipment that you had outside during Cosmos Camp and Champ Camp. For one week we got an email the Sunday before laying out the week's activities. This was fabulous and helped with the planning of the week and both setting expectations and talking about activities with my child. I absolutely loved that you posted photos for us to see what happened during the day. And, from a financial standpoint, the value was incredible!
  • Not only was the content of the camp great, the price is unbeatable. With three kids in camps, cost becomes truly critical.
  • There were so many things that our family liked about Camp Kids Place. It was extremely organized, well run, GREAT counselors, interesting, imaginative, creative and FUN. Plus, the price was wonderful. So many camps charge an arm and a leg and you feel ripped off. Camp Kids Place put on a wonderful camp and you felt like it was worth every penny. I enjoyed dropping my daughter off knowing she was so happy to be there and that she was safe and being looked after in every way. I loved all the "extras", like the fun contests, the water slide, being able to view the camp pictures and prizes like the limo ride. My daughter still talks about that limo ride. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we will be back next summer for sure!
  • My daughter said this was the one camp that she definitely wanted to do again next year. Good balance of indoor/outdoor fun/crafts.
  • The immediate sense of belonging and enthusiasm. My sons enjoyed the activities in Genius and Cosmo weeks. They enjoyed the counselors and outdoor water slide. I appreciated the ease of check in and out.
  • My boys (ages 7 and 9) had a blast. Having never done a full-day camp before, I was unsure what to expect when I picked them up. The first word out of both of their mouths when I asked how the day had been was an enthusiastic, "AWESOME." They loved the competitions, the water slide and the arts activities. They made great new friends, felt very comfortable and had tons of fun! I loved how well organized the sign in and out was and the name tags. It felt very safe and secure for a parent leaving their children.